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Accelerated Reader Prize Giving

23rd Oct 2018

Congratulations to our first 2 Accelerated Reader 'Word Millionaires'.  A very impressive feat- especially so early on in the term!

Well done to Emma Livingstone (P6/7F) and Ellie Kitson (P5/6)


A second well done to ALL pupils who achieved their target- excellent job!

Accelerated Reader Achievers- 1st Marking period (19.10.18)

P3/4- Noah Hampton, Luci-Lee Lamont, Denzel Mitchell, Ava Mullan, David Nicholl, Aaron Samson, Ella Tweed.

X2- Matthew Wilson, Camryn Service, Ellen O’Neill

X3- Bailie Dowds, Anna Ford, Sofia Gregg, Jack Hosseini

X4- Tom Bailie

P4-Grace Alexander, Robin Andrews, Aimee Burnside, Madelyn Cairns, Grace Dickson, Georgie Harvey, Mia McCarthy, Ben McCrickard, Ibby McConnell, Alex Moon, Sam Speers, Alanna Sutters, Faye Torrington, Ethan Wisener, Mia Russell, Emma Wylie

X2- Lukas Stephan

X3- Ronan Carr

P5- Carter Adams, Evie Anderson, Krystal Carlin, Emma Carroll, Harry Crawford, Laura Dale, Ava Gray, Brooke Lester, Callum Logan, Jack McDonald, Reuben McDowell, Evie Niblock, Noah Russell, McCauley Shields, Tom Sittlington

X2- Jude Crawford, Lucy Cubitt, Emily Ford, Evan Nestor, Ellen Patterson, Leon Simpson, Scott Turtle

X3- Evie Hill

P5/6- Lucas Barnett, Scott Kerr, Katie McCormick, Anna McCorriston, Kirsty McCormick, Jack McCrickard, Charlie McDermott, Niamh McMullan, Amy McNeilly, Ben O’Rourke, Zac Russel,l Joshua Shields, Sam Smyth, Matthew Stevenson

X2-Hannah Brown, Lois Gamble, Eli Kelly, Emily Legg, Brooke Mawhinney, Sam McArdle, Jack McKendry, Harry Stirling

X3- Lucy Burns

X4- Eliana Church, Ella Lutton, Leah Rock

X10- Ellie Kitson

P6/7- Chloe Allenby, Alex Courtney, Holly Fisher, Mark Kernohan, Sam Maxwell, Robert McCluney, Oliver Shaw, Cassie Smith, Morgan Mawhinney

X2- Samuel Church, Rudy Harvey, Sarah Livingstone

X3- Sophia Stephan, Alfie McKee, Jude McConnell

X4-Millar Dowds

X5- Jamie Gregg

X9- Emma Livingstone

P7- Scott Watterson, Isabel Wainwright, Hannah Ramsey, Emily Rainey

X2- Owen Carr, Alisha Dawson,

X3- Lucy McDonald, David Holden

X4- Lucy Erwin