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Carniny Primary School, 61 Old Cullybackey Road, Ballymena

October in P1/2

27th Oct 2017

We have been busy this month in P1/2. 


P1: We have been doing the numbers up to 5. We have enjoyed lots of practical activities that help us count and make sets. We have also been working on the formation of our numbers.

P2: We have been focusing on the numbers to 14, doing lots of practical activities to count, order numbers and form numbers. We have also been doing the walls up to 4 and lots of missing number addition sums.



P1: We started our sounds this month. We have been working on unit 1 sounds and doing lots of word building and activities to help us read and write.

P2: We were reading words with double consonants this month. We realised that some words had 4 letters but only 3 sounds.


WAU/ play

We have been looking at people who help us in an emergency. We have really enjoyed looking at scenarios and thinking who would we need to call. Our imagination has gone wild in play!


We have been learning to log in to the computer by ourselves. We have been learning to use the mouse by playing an Indy Windy Spider game.