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Carniny Primary School, 61 Old Cullybackey Road, Ballymena
Friends Of Carniny PS Christmas Fair will be held on Friday 8th December 2017 from 6.30-8.30pm. Please plan to come along and enjoy what we anticipate to be a fun filled evening. | Carniny PS Open Day for prospective Primary 1 pupils (September 2018) is scheduled for Monday 11 December at 6.30pm.
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Accelerated Reading Prize winners

10th Jan 2017

Accelerated Reader Achievers- 2nd Marking period (19.12.16)

Primary 3/4- Chloe Allenby, Jack McCrickard, Matthew Stevenson, Millar Dowds, Mark Kernohan, Sophie Kerr, Amy McNeilly, Alex Courtney

Primary 4/5- Jamie Gregg, Robert McCluney, Jude McConnell, Emma Livingstone, Alfie McKee

X2- Sarah Livingstone


Primary 5- Owen Carr, Lucas Dawson White.


Primary 6-Sam Gilkinson, Joshua McDowell, Evie McFarland, Stewart Paul, Erin Stephan, Emma Tennant, Jack Weir, Charlie Wilson, Sydney Young

X2- Tom Wylie

X3- Cameron Kerr, Ben McCormick

X6- Sam Donnelly


Primary 6/7- Eric Gamble, Ella Graham, Daniel Holden, Noah Hought, Caleb McCorriston, Luke McCorriston, Molly McDermott, Abbie McNeilly, Alyssa Moore-Jones, Peter Simpson, Jamie Smyth, Adam Stirling, Lily- Mae Torrington, Grace Warnock, Matthew Wylie

X2- Zara Kernohan, Lydia Logan

X3-Robyn McIlrath, Samuel Wainwright, Emma Weir

X10- Zachary Shaw


Primary 7- Deon Horner, Lucy McDonald, Josh Millar, Jessica Wylie

X2- Charlie Jo Carlin