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Carniny Primary School, 61 Old Cullybackey Road, Ballymena
Spanish Club Due to the popularity of the proposed Spanish Club, it has been necessary to change the dates and times for the P3's in order to accommodate all children.  Please Note: P3 pupils Spanish Club will be on Fridays from 1.50-2.50pm.
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Accelerated Reader Assembly

20th Mar 2018

Accelerated Reader Achievers- 3rd Marking period (16.3.18)

P3/4- Chloe Brown, Eliana Church, Callum Logan, Jack McDonald

Doubled Target- Emily Ford

(X5)- Ellie Kitson

P4- Harry Crawford, Ava Gray, Evie Hill, Charlie King, Brooke Lester, Dylan McClelland, Anna McCorriston, Niamh McMullan, Leah Rock, Tom Sittlington

Doubled Target- Lucy Burns, Emily Legg, McCauley Shields

Trebled target- Harry Stirling, Jack McKendry, Ella Lutton

P5- Chloe Allenby, Millar Dowds, Rudy Harvey, Eli Kelly, Sophie Kerr, Demi Mather, Brooke Mawhinney, Jude McConnell, Matthew McDonald, Amy McNeilly, Zac Russell, Sophia Stephan, Matthew Stevenson, Billy Wylie

Doubled Target- Hannah Brown, Ellen Dickson, Robert McCluney

Trebled Target- Jamie Gregg

P6- Josh Crawford, Holly Fisher, Neale Fleming, David Holden, Gemma McClelland, Adam Paul, Emily Rainey, Oliver Stephan, Scott Watterson, Yasmine White, Matthew Wylie

Doubled Target- Carys Logan

Trebled target- Alisha Dawson, Lucy Erwin

P6/7- Matthew Dixon, Oliver Eaton, Daniel Holden, Noah Hought, Morgan Mawhinney, Lucy McAllister, Luke McCorriston, Joshua McDowell, Rachel McDowell, Hannah Ramsey, Peter Simpson, Jamie Smyth, Isobel Wainwright, Charlie Wilson.

Doubled Target – Tom Wylie, Thomas Allenby, Evan Andrews, Robbie Mather, Craig McQuillan, Sarah Oliver, Stewart Paul.

Trebled Target- Jonathan Christie, Eric Gamble, Sophie Hill, Emma Livingstone, Alfie McKee, Zach Shaw.

Quadrupled Target – Samuel Church, Alyssa Moore-Jones.

X5- Sarah Livingstone.

X7- Owen Carr.

P7- Lauren Calderwood, Sara Craig, Ella Graham, Katie Logan, Ben McCormick, George Nicholson, Scott Robinson, Grace Warnock, Jack Weir

Doubled Target- Alex Bailes, Callum Brewster, Samuel Donnelly, Sam Gilkinson, Evie McFarland.

X5- Cameron Kerr